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Prophetess April L. Anthony

About Me

My background

Prophetess April L. Anthony have professional training as an Elementary Education School Teacher and Dance Minister with over ten years of experience. 

My faith

Through Christ Jesus I can do anything. Nothing is impossible.

My involvement

Prophetess April  with Healing For Damaged Emotions (HDE) support women survivors  and victims suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. We empower victims and minister healing to women's  emotions. 

Our association for prophetic dancers the Prophetic Dance Association. We have an annual prophetic dance conference with monthly membership discounts for conference and products.

Such A LaDy mentors with the expectation of meeting the need of women from various background social, economic, and financial to name a few. The ministry "Such A LaDy" is all about character building. We will teach today's woman how to be and act like a lady. Maybe you grew up acting like a tom boy and you never have seen yourself as beautiful or pretty. The way you feel inside reflect your outside, how you dress, style your hair etc. If you don't feel good about you, it's reflected back by how you treat yourself and others.

Often times Prophetess April has been told "your such a lady," What does this mean? People see the characteristic of a modern woman with traditional roots, while displaying Godly character in action and deed. Such A Lady Ministry is about women being women, acting like women, and still at the top of their game standing strong. Although  Prophetess April is complimented on being "such a lady" she still understands the need to achieve in today's society and is please to say she's helping women to do the same.     


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